Friday, September 18, 2015

Golden Gaytime Cake

For my birthday this year, I was short on time, so I didn't want to make anything too complicated.  I struck gold when I saw a Golden Gaytime Cake pop up on Facebook.  This cake has gone viral, but I am a little behind the times, because I had never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago.  For the uninitiated, the Golden Gaytime is a popular icecream on a stick readily available here in Australia, which has been around for as long as I can remember.  It consists of vanilla icecream encased in toffee icecream, then covered in a thin coating of chocolate and malt biscuit crumbs.  The slogan used to market this icecream is, "It's so hard to have a Gaytime on  your own", a pun meaning that you'll attract crowds wanting to share your icecream when you eat a Gaytime.

I made the Golden Gaytime Cake exactly as per the recipe, which can be found here at Tinman's Treats.  My malt biscuits were Paradise Malt biscuits as my supermarket didn't sell the Arnotts Malt O' Milk, but it is basically the same thing, just a different brand.  To make my chocolate butter cream, I went with the cocoa powder suggestion rather than the chocolate suggestion. 

I used a rolling pin to break up the biscuits rather than chopping them with a knife - much easier and quicker.

I think the cake looked pretty good and close to the original.

Here's a peek inside:

and here's the first slice:

I actually enjoyed it a lot.  One of my colleagues said it was very sweet, but I did not find it overly so.  Does it taste like a Gaytime icecream?  I don't think my imagination can take it that far, but it certainly has the right flavours.

I received plenty of compliments on the Golden Gaytime Cake, so I proclaim it a winner.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I'd love to hear what you think of it! I loved the Golden Gaytime ice cream! :D

Johanna GGG said...

Well done - I love Gaytimes and have seen that cake but not got around to making it yet so I love you discover the recipe and make it so soon

Cakelaw said...

It's good but not quite as good as the icecream.

Kari said...

You're less behind than me as I hadn't heard of this until now! It looks delicious. And happy birthday :)

The Caked Crusader said...

This is the best named cake I have ever come across. I love it!

Cakelaw said...


2paw said...

Your cake looks very Golden Gaytime!! I did not know it was a 'thing' either!! I saw chocolate, mint and strawberry Gaytime ice-creams in the supermarket. I prefer the original. Malt-o-milks are hard to find these days.

Kayte said...

What a wonderful appropriate and beautiful birthday cake...I love that Gaytime theme, it's such fun for your special day. Looks delicious. You always manage to find just the right thing.