Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fruit mince donuts

I had quite a bit of fruit mince left over from Christmas, and am keen to find ways to use it up.  The first recipe I noticed when I looked through the Donuts book that Tim gave me  was the recipe for Christmas donuts, as I had the fruit mince in mind.  You can find the recipe online here (listed as Christmas Donuts).

These donuts are cake donuts; the raising agent is baking powder, not yeast.  This makes them easy and quick to make.

They smell devine, look amazing:  

and taste just as they look:

These are a fabulous way to use up your leftover fruit mince, or to make as a treat at Christmas.  They were popular with my colleagues, and I would definitely make them again.


Kayte said...

Oh those look delicious!! What's not to love about a recipe that you know you will make again...I love it when that happens. The people at your office are so lucky!

Angie Schneider said...

I wish I could simply grab one from the screen! They look so tempting!