Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Desserts

I have been spending the holidays with my family interstate. It's been a lovely, peaceful time, away from the whirl of everyday life.

We have enjoyed some marvellous desserts over the holidays, some home-made, others store-bought. They are too good not to share, so I am posting a selection of them here.

At the top of this post are some lovely berry crepes made by my mother on Christmas morning from this recipe (minus the lemon and sugar).  They were an absolute treat to start our celebrations with.

At Christmas lunch, we had two desserts.  The first was this scrumptious Woolworths plum pudding, hand decorated with orange slices and dripping in fruit, nuts and sauce:

We had a beautiful Christmas Serenetta Log from Home Icecream as well:

and served the lot smothered with custard:

My mother and I jointly made a low fat lime cheesecake from this recipe:

It was so light and fluffy, it tasted like lime marshmallow.

I made up this Adriano Zumbo boxed Santa Slice:
It tasted like red velvet brownies with cranberries - delish!!
I bought this custard tart from Left Bank in Kilkivan, where we stopped for morning tea during a road trip:


I've had better, but this one was a generous serve and hit the spot.

Finally, I tried this Darrell Lea Christmas Nougat Plum Pudding, as it was half price at Woolworths:

It has thick chocolate on the outside and a fluffy nougat mallow interior:


Hope you have been enjoying your holidays.  It's back to work for me on Monday.


Kari said...

Oh goodness, what a selection! Thanks for doing the recap, I'm enjoying them vicariously :)

2paw said...

Oh that is a gourmet selection!!! Damn and blast, I saw that Zumbo packet for a fleeting moment in Woolies and then they were gone. I must remember to make a cranberry red velvet cake this Christmas.

The Caked Crusader said...

Happy new year to you! Looks like you've enjoyed some fab festive goodies

2paw said...

Yay, I found the zumbo Christmas mix on sale for $4 today!!