Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby Booties Cake

Sue's Baby Cake
Originally uploaded by Cakelaw
The cake pictured was made for Sue, who also leaves us on Friday on maternity leave. The base is a simple butter cake from The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, but I made three muffin-sized cupcakes and one big cake from the mixture instead of two layer cakes.

To make the booties, I creatively sliced and arranged the cupcakes
, then iced the whole lot in buttercream, and followed up with glace icing for piping the outline of the booties and the shoelaces. I topped it all off with Sue's name piped in chocolate.

This is a simple but effective cake - although it does have its technical difficulties in icing it (but would be a breeze for masters at cake decorating such as Su Yin or Cupcaketastic).


Nirmala said...

That's adorable. I want to learn how to make cake shapes and just boring old round and squares one's!

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Nirmala. I know what you mean - I find cake decorating quite challenging, so I am going to do some classes so I can add the WOW factor to my baking.