Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apple pudding

The autumn edition of Donna Hay Magazine has a particularly enchanting section titled "Secret Garden", featuring recipes that you can make to take on a picnic. The exquisite photographs which accompany these recipes feature two pretty girls roaming through an apple orchard on a very autumnal looking day.

One of the recipes featured on page 95 is for individual apple puddings with butterscotch sauce. I love butterscotch sauce; however, given the butter content of the puddings themselves, I could not bring myself to make the sauce as well, comprised as it is of cream and sugar and even more butter. However, I made the puddings to take to dinner at a friend's house tomorrow night, where I plan to serve it with Greek yoghurt.

These little puddings are delightful to look at, as the ramekins are lined with apple slices before the pudding batter goes in so that the outside of finished puddings are adorned by the apple slices. In addition, the baked spongy puddings have perfect little domed tops, and smell very pleasant. The puddings photographed in the magazine appear to have been made in muffin tins which is a great idea.

I will provide an update on the taste of these puddings after tomorrow night.

Postscript: These puddings were light and delicious, with the apple on the outside baking into gorgeous sweetness. The puddings are great on their own or served with Greek yoghurt.

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