Saturday, May 26, 2007

An introduction

Hi there! Having admired and religiously read the food blogs created by others around the world for around two years, I have been inspired to create a blog devoted to my own efforts in the kitchen.

Cooking gives me great pleasure on many levels. It allows me to be creative and adventurous, to relax and (sometimes!) to work off some steam, and gives me a sense of achievement. Further, cooking evokes fond memories of my childhood and allows me to connect with my heritage by using the same recipes that my mother and grandmother used. I also love sharing my creations with others, and I hope that they enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them.

There are already many fine food bloggers out there, some of whom have been so original and creative in their writing and cooking that they have gone on to produce books and newspaper columns based on their blogs. I do not aspire to these heights. Rather, I simply wish to share my efforts in the kitchen with those who are interested, and record my adventures in the wonderful world of food.

Bon appetite!


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